Dear Jesus, You have a problem, and it’s Me

I recently listened to a lecture by a catholic speaker on pornography addiction. He told the story that once, when he was in confessional, he confided his pornography addiction to his priest and asked what he should do. The priest replied, “You need to tell Jesus He has a problem.” The young man was confused. “How is my pornography addiction Jesus’ problem?” The priest replied, “You belong to Jesus don’t you? You need to pray to Him and tell him He has a problem, and it’s you.”


This was, to my thinking, quite right and also very counter-intuitive: certainly against much of what I’ve been impressed upon by sin. My thought on sin had been this: God lays down the rules, which are nearly impossible to follow, since you have to be perfect to do them all right; then if and when you break them you have to ask for forgiveness in Christ, which He will give you. But what I didn’t get was that God does not expect you to get better all by yourself.

While it’s our responsibility to do what He asks, we should not expect to get better without His help. This, I think, is what the Apostle meant when he wrote “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” (1 Pater 5:7)

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