Quick Thought: Belief or Acts

What is more important, a man’s belief or his acts?

In a perfect man, his acts will flow from his beliefs, so the dichotomy won’t really matter. But on some subjects there is a disconnect; sometimes it’s quite out of our control and so our beliefs can never be acted upon in a meaningful way. A man who opposed slavery in America before the Civil War would have had little chance of abolishing it at the national level.

So it is, I think, with politics: what a man believes about politics is nearly useless. His actions matter far more. What does it matter if he voted for a democrat or a republican? Did he treat his enemies with kindness, his opponents with love and respect? Then he is a good man, whatever his policies may be. Did he tell the truth, and say it openly? Then he is an honest man. Did he abide by the Constitution even when it was to his disadvantage? Then he is an honorable man.

In all things, treat others the way you wish to be treated.

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