Wholly Inadequate

Once again, a mass shooting. The cycle of news will be the same: search for motive, leaders will condemn and console, the left will cry for gun control, the right will stand upon the constitution and the right to self defense. And the country will move onward.

I will admit I am not without my own opinions on the Second Amendment. Legally and historically I believe it guarantees the right to bear arms individually for many reasons, ably defended and laid down in the founder’swritings; those reasons have not become outdated. Yet…..John Adams was correct: The Constitution was written for a moral people, it is wholly inadequate for the governing of an immoral people. The dark question arises then: are we moral enough to manage the freedoms we’ve inherited?

It comes down to this: shall the law punish all those who use guns responsibly, for the actions of those who do not?
Many people would say ‘yes’ because of how horrible those misuses are. Interestingly, no one would apply the same metric to the freedom of speech, or immigration. No one would say freedom of speech should be limited because some people are liars or slanderers. None who advocate for immigration would say we should ban all people of a certain race or religion because some people in those groups are terrorists and murderers. Should we not extend the same standard to those who use guns defensively and responsibly?

The law can punish after the fact. But to prevent such things as this, I believe there is a far deeper, more spiritual problem in the United States that will not be solved by gun control. We have broken families, family laws that make divorce too easy, that make sex too cheap and give no thought to its emotional consequences; in school morality is taught as an artistic preference, rather than as the ties that bind people to one another and create order and harmony. Where fathers are increasingly absent there will be disorder in families; where morality is relative, there will be increasing chaos.

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